‘Zensursula’ Germany’s new President?

After massive protests from the blogoshpere and net activists last year against Minister Ursula von der Leyen about the introduction of an internet filter to block child pornography, it has been suspiciously quiet about internet censorship for a while. The protests in 2009 centered around the German Minister who has been named ‘Zensursula’ (a mix of her first name and the German word for censorship) by the blogosphere and her blunt statements about the dangers of the internet.

Her ignorance of any criticism was shocking to many and the blogosphere mourned the day ‘Zensursula’ signed the internet censorship treaty (Internetzensurvertrag) as ‘black friday of the internet’.

Now net activists are holding their breaths as ‘Zensursula’ is considered by Chancellor Merkel to take the position as Germany’s new president, after current president Horst Koehler surprisingly resigned this week. Protests in the blogosphere are massive and a Facebook group against her candidacy has attracted more than 15,000 people in a few hours.

The decision is expected to be made by Friday. We’ll see if the blogosphere has to release another obituary.


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